2022 General Election: Favourtism ‘modus operandi’ of FijiFirst

Unity Fiji party leader, Savenaca Narube Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Favouritism has been the modus operandi of the FijiFirst Government and this has “hurt” the private sector, claims Unity Fiji leader Savenaca Narube.

Speaking to the media recently, he also claimed government intervention in the private sector where it favoured some and punished others has created uncertainty, especially for potential investors.

“This government has hurt the private sector a lot. How has it done that? It does that by intervening a lot in the private sector,” Mr Narube said.

“It intervenes by favouritism, it favours some, and it punishes some — this government has done that.

“If a private company wants to be on the safe side, it needs to be on the government side.”

He said that sort of behaviour by government created uncertainty in the private sector and to potential investors.

Mr Narube said the Unity Fiji party has the qualifications and skills to better manage the country.

“We know about economic and financial management, we are qualified to do that.

“We have worked in all areas of economic and financial management so we have the skills that this government doesn’t.

“We will better manage the economy with better policies that suits this country and hopefully, at the end of it there’ll be more jobs for everyone.”

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