6th February

Mala in a man’s world

In a sea of tough looking customs agents, Raveena Mala stands out from the crowd. The reason for this is she is not only short and lean but because she works in a predominantly male...

5th February

Fijian rugby star: Andrew’s rugby journey from Natabuquto to Oxford

Great athletes stay humble. They may get catapulted to the pinnacle of success but always remain grounded. This is what makes Fijian rugby star, Andrew Durutalo so unique. The Tailevu man has plied his trade locally and internationally, with a relentless pursuit of excellence but he has never called attention to himself. He added another...

3rd February

Yasa saves the day

Life often throws challenges not to break one’s spirit, but to bring out one’s untapped potential. Marica Qio Yasa is a living testament to this expression. The challenges her family faced have led to her to be one of the most trusted vendors at the Nausori flea market. Due to an unfortunate turn of event,...

1st February

People: Healing old scars

The pain of losing a loved one is an unbearable agony — hard to erase from a person’s memory. Such is the pain Losana Nai has had to bear. She lost four close family members to a massive landslide that buried and killed them at Tukuraki Village in the highlands of Ba in 2012. Losana...

31st January

Living off her hobby – Kwon’s foray into quilting

Aside from its throng of tents and stalls, the monthly RoC market in Suva is a unique sea of cuisine and craftwork. But among the hustle and bustle of the RoC crowd, you will find Mira Kwon seated, almost hidden behind a wall of quilted bags, pouches and toys – all hand-crafted to perfection. Her...