Hard work pays off for Meeshal

Nakasi High School dux Meeshal Ayusha with her uncle Kamlesh Krishna, grandmother Kunima and mum Neelu Reddy during the schools annual prize giving ceremony. Picture: Sophie Ralulu

Being raised by a single mother didn’t deter Meeshal Ayushna’s from achieving her goals. Last week she was awarded the dux of Nakasi High School during the annual prize giving ceremony.

The Year 13 student said her family suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. “She (mother) was laid off from work and we suffered a financial crisis, but we made it through the help of family members,” she said.

“It was continuous support too from my family especially my mum that made me win a lot of awards today (Friday). I’ve always looked up to her for being a single parent so I’m very grateful for her.

Meeshal, who wants to pursue studies in accounting at the Fiji National University, said she didn’t actually think she would be the school dux.

“It was a cutthroat competition for our Year 13 students. We had five A graders (Year 12) so it was very fierce and I am proud of what I achieved.”

The eldest of 3 siblings, she thanked all the teachers who supported her from Year 9.

“It was the continuous support from the teachers that made me the person I am today and I want to thank them especially Mrs Vikashni Singh, she was my role model.”

Deputy Divisional Police Commander Eastern Kemueli Baledrokadroka, who was the chief guest at the prize giving ceremony, advised parents and students to prioritise education.

“The onus is on you students to work hard and to aspire for improved performances. Treat yourselves into areas of studies which compliment your strengths and it will ultimately allow you to pursue further studies or career opportunities,” said Mr Baleidrokadroka.

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