Letters to the Editor – Monday, December 5, 2022

Fiji Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Andre Viljoen during the first anniversary of the border reopening at the Nadi International Airport. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Fiji Airways success

THE astounding story of how Fiji Airways made an astonishing recovery post pandemic is a must read for every entrepreneur craving for success. How they reorganised their operations from their loans, their costs and creating teams in readiness to spring into action the moment the gates were opened. Wow! Very impressive. So whoever is in government soon should hire CEO Mr Andre Viljoen as consultant to create teams to reorganise its loans, reduce costs and streamline government operations. They could look at our health system, water works and electricity supply to name a few. Thank you Mr Viljoen and Fiji Airways crew! NORMAN YEE Martintar Nadi

TV at the market

I HAVE been out and about the Lautoka market since the TV screens were installed. Hardly any eyes are on them. I asked one market vendor about it. He told me that if he starts watching, someone will steal his bhindi. Talk about return on investment. MOHAMMED IMRAZ JANIF Natabua, Lautoka

Equal treatment

THE Prime Minister’s key message “unity brings blessings when we are treated equally”, as he meets villagers in Buca Cakaudrove (FT 3/12, with picture) should be echoed all over the nation to be taken at heart by voters as they cast their votes. Such assurances from the long serving leader matters most in this time of crisis. We have our rights to choose to vote wisely in the name of democracy. “We may have different religions, different languages, different coloured skins, but we all belong to one human race” – Kofi Annan. TAHIR ALI Hamilton, New Zealand

Democracy v dictatorship

China’s President Xi Jinping has granted himself new powers as potential leader for life. Whose life? Our Prime Minister is quoted as saying that FijiFirst should govern Fiji forever. Forever and a day! Are we under the Chinese influence? AJAI KUMAR Waqadra Co-op Rd, Waqadra, Nadi

Winners and losers

IT would appear to me that those who peddle rubbish against the government are people who have been sacked or terminated by the government from their high paying jobs in the civil service or from the party due to incompetence or due to disciplinary issues. Others are just people who have lost to the government and have no answers or solutions, but are just hellbent on grabbing power with lies at any cost. Union leaders seem to be coming out of the woodwork at this late stage to join these losers. As someone once said “birds of a feather flock together”. How come only I can see this and no one else? JAN NISSAR NSW, Australia

Human nature

COME midnight December 14, 2022 we will all look back and marvel that hindsight is a beautiful thing. Fiji will see where we were right and what we did wrong. This is for certain. In life, often, we are not judged by the thousand good things we have done. It is only human we will be sorely judged by that one mistake made. Public perceptions are always extremely powerful indicators. Is Fiji democracy truly alive and well? The results of our general elections, will one way or another, speak volumes. Some will embrace the results. The losers, unfortunately, will not. The winners of our 2022 general elections will celebrate to their hearts content. The sore and bad losers will duck for cover. Will I stand corrected? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, no matter what happens, we must pray that ultimately peace must prevail. The losers will wait another four years to make another contest. This is democracy at its best. No more man-made destruction via political coup please. RONNIE CHANG Martintar Nadi

Ethnic data

IT is well known that the most affected group of our population with diabetes and amputations are iTaukei because of their lifestyles. Why is it so hard to accept that fact? This data will help our Ministry of Health and relevant stakeholders plan intervention or strategies in addressing these problems in the short term and long term. It seems whenever someone mentions the words iTaukei or kai Viti, kai Idia, kai loma, kai Jaina, kai Rotuma, kai Rabi or kai Kioa, the public perceive that person to be a racist or promoting some form of discrimination. What is wrong with being a kai Idia or kai Kioa? No one chooses to be who we are when born, we just accept it and be proud. JIOJI MASIVESI CAKACAKA Tadra, Votualevu Nadi

Dubai jinx continues

ANOTHER Dubai 7s title has slipped from our grasp, and the road to Cape Town is not that smooth as the men’s 7s team has been pooled with Dubai 7s champions South Africa, France and Canada. Fiji thrashed Uruguay 52-0, but the lost to the All Blacks 7s 7-24 in a scrappy match. The boys outclassed Argentina 17-12 in the last match, but we fell short by five points. Fiji then beat Uganda 29-14, Kenya 21-17 and Uruguay 47-0 to claim ninth spot which has sort of become our favourite spot in Dubai recently. Fans failed to see the spark, character and fighting spirit seen at So Kon Po and the previous tournaments by our players. Something was amiss and I’m sure it will be rectified by Ben Gollings and Viliame Satala in Cape Town. The Fijiana also lost two pool matches, the quarters to Australia, and then finished fifth. South Africa showed why it is the darling of the Dubai heat as the Green Machine won its fourth Dubai 7s title in as many years. From 2019 the Blitzboks beat the All Blacks 7s 15-0, USA 42-7, Australia 10-7 and then Ireland 21-5 to win their fourth title. In 2019 and last year, Fiji finished ninth after beating Canada 40-17 and Spain 31-7. Fiji has a mountain ahead and a lot of work is needed to win the Cape Town 7s! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM BALGOVIND RD, NADAWA, NASINU

Cloud of change

THE FIFA World Cup 2022 is certainly bringing a new change and shift in the goal post every week. It seems a change in baton is inevitable with Asian and Africa countries mounting pressure on the Europe and South American countries that have dominated soccer for too long The change is inevitable it seems and the next elimination group of eight games will be exciting and no doubt will be full of drama and mysteries. We wish to see a change a new winner taking soccer to the next level. The cloud of change it seems is in the air Vinaka to The Fiji Times for your soccer coverage and analysis and reports. It certainly makes a difference. SHALWYN PRASAD Mukta Ben Place, Ñabua

Pulsating match

THE knockout stages of FIFA World Cup in Qatar is giving every soccer lover goose bumps. The match between Argentina and our neighbours Australia was certainly pulsating. It was a match of two halves — first half for quick passing Argentina and the second half for the long ball Socceroos. We witnessed a stark difference in the style of play by the two teams. One mesmerised the spectators with swift, crisp passing and the other got the crowd cheering with long balls in attack. Messi, as expected, was a cut above the rest. His immaculate and impeccable strike left the Socceroos keeper clutching thin air. Whenever Messi dropped his shoulder, he dropped his opponents. The Socceroos deserve our accolades for standing up to the mighty Argentians. They deserve praise for keeping the score respectable and flying the flag high for Oceania. It was just unfortunate that Messi showed no mercy. ARUN PRASAD Dilkusha, Nausori

Argentina and Netherlands

We have a mouthwatering quarterfinal ahead of us as Argentina will battle the Netherlands for a place in the semis. The United States are heading home. After giving the Netherlands 90 minutes of pure fight, the US fell 3-1 to the Oranje. Goals from Memphis Depay and Daley Blind and a late Denzel Dumfries strike, after Haji Wright had pulled one back for the US, meant the Netherlands is on track. Argentina, on the other hand, sustained pressure from Australia in the second half to make it past the round of 16. Lionel Messi delivered again for his country, marking the 1000th game of his era-defining career with his first goal. Julian Alvarez pounced on a heavy touch by Australia goalkeeper Mathew Ryan to tap into an empty net for the second goal, but then Australia’s fight-back in the final 20 minutes was as stirring as it was unexpected. Craig Goodwin’s shot deflected into the net off Argentina midfielder Enzo Fernandez, and then the Argentina goalie had to make some crucial saves. This morning England and Senegal and France and Poland battled for a spot in the quarters. It is all getting excited, heading to the quarters! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Balgovind Rd, Nadawa, Nasinu


I LOVE that old Americanism from Harper’s Magazine of 1859, Comeuppance! All I can say is qarauna! COLIN DEOKI Australia

Mental health

IS there a need for a mental health test for some contesting the elections . DAN URAI Lautoka


234 and 293. What a brilliant combination to unlock Fiji’s potential to become the most prosperous, stable and internationally attractive destination to live in. There is no other better combination than this. TARUN TIKARAM Lami

Dubai 7s

THE question to ask the men’s team in the game against Argentina is did the team know about the points difference that they needed to score to qualify for the quarters? Their reactions during the game appears not to support this. Just saying. EMOSI BALEI Suva

Why the hell

WHY make any reference to hell? I doubt if renovation works are underway in heaven. MOHAMMED IMRAZ JANIF Natabua, Lautoka


WELL Labasa had a player named Kasimiro who could score goals from acute angles. SUKHA SINGH Labasa

Catching up

WHEN you get there do not be anxious about who is behind you. You will have a hell of catching up to do with old friends and making new acquaintances when you get there. Pichhe nahi dekho! SAMU RAILOA Nadi

Life after sports

WHOEVER is the new CEO of FASANOC should ensure there is a Fiji sports academy established and athletes and players are paid well to represent the country. Representing the country should be a profession with adequate financial incentives and educational opportunities for life after sports. ASISH VINAY PRASAD Park Rd, Raiwasa

Curious callers

AFTER the article titled My decision was printed (FT 4/12), I was bombarded with text messages, social media messages and phone calls. Initially. I thought the attention and interest I received was because of my good looks. I was mistaken. They were all curious with the desire to know exactly the same thing. Who is candidate 252? WISE MUAVONO Hedstrom Pl, Balawa, Lautoka

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