Proud parents gift Hilton with a phone.

Proud parents Sitla and Pradeep Lal (right) with their daughter Demira Lal during the Jai Narayan College annual prize giving ceremony in Suva. Picture: Sophie Ralulu.

Sitla and Pradeep Lal are proud parents of Jai Narayan College 2022 head girl and school dux Demira Lal.

Demira scooped her spoils of awards which included a brand new Galaxy S22 series mobile phone.

Mr Lal, who is Vodafone Fiji chief executive officer, said they decided to donate part of their daughter’s dux prize (phone) as a show of good governance to the Hilton Special School. ”

Since it was given for free and my daughter picked it up (the prize), I asked her if we could donate her phone to Hilton Special School and she agreed.

“I’ve been associated with Hilton Special School. I’m a long distance runner, I have ran many races in Sydney and domestically to raise funds for Hilton. So, you know, they are very special kids. I think it’s a worthy cause to support them,” said Mr Lal.

Demira said she was proud of her achievements because she worked hard for it.

“I feel very delighted, happy and blessed to receive these awards, especially since I’ve worked hard for it. It felt good to see my hard work being rewarded.

“My priority has always been my schoolwork, even though I believe that it is important to be an all-rounder. So together with schoolwork I participated in other extra curriculums such as meke during the Girmit Day celebration, the Chem Knowledge Battle and won the national award in this competition for the Central Division.

“Together with my studies, I always ensured I took part in extracurricular activities because I believe that studies aren’t everything. Even though it is important and it helps you reach a higher level in life, I believe that extracurricular activities are also important.”

She said she was the youngest of two siblings and faced a lot of challenges in terms of learning because teachers weren’t physically present.

“But through online learning, we were able to gain a lot of help and I sought help from some of my peers.

“My parents have been my biggest inspiration. Just looking at them, I feel like achieving more so I can make them proud.”

Demira’s mum Sitla Chandra said she was proud of her daughter’s success in high school.

“We are quite overwhelmed with her awards and really proud of her. When I saw her school results I knew she was going to win the dux award,” Mrs Lal said.

Demira said mathematics and physics fascinates her and she was planning to study abroad.

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