Suggestion for reports to be submitted electronically

Participants at the EIA consultation. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

Stakeholders at an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) consultation have suggested that reports and documents should be electronically submitted instead of using papers or hard copies.

The consultation held in Labasa this week heard that using papers in reports would result in the cutting down of more trees which do not work hand in hand with the Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Environment.

Stakeholders strongly suggested that their reports be submitted in soft copies through electronic mails which will also save costs for them.

In response Director of Environment Sandeep Singh said they needed the hard copies of reports for public viewing.

“That’s a good idea, but we still need to have the reports in papers or hard copy because we usually have one for public viewing in terms of projects in communities,” she said.

“So the communities do this in 21 days to view the report, which will be a hard copy because not everyone have emails or access to emails.”

Head of the ministry’s EIA, Sainimili Nakora told participants that sometimes, EIA reports needed to be sent to provincial council offices in rural areas where there’s no internet access.

“So with this situation, communities read the report in hard copy.”

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