Women reminded of their key role in society

Women and staff of the Fiji National University’s Natabua Campus in Lautoka. Picture: SUPPLIED

Women play a critical role in utilising digital technologies to contribute to more sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

This was the message delivered by Fiji National University (FNU), Assistant Professor in Education, Head of Department Primary and ECE Dr Sofia Ali during an event to celebrate women’s achievements at Natabua Campus in Lautoka.

The University hosted events at its various campuses during the month of March to commemorate women empowerment.

Dr Ali reminded women of their inner strength and courage to conquer the world. “Women don’t need to wait for power to be granted to us. We have everything we need to unleash our power, claim our rights, and go after our goals and dreams.”

“This year’s theme, ‘DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality’, asks us to consider how we can make the best use of technology and innovation to ensure that we move forward more inclusively and equitably, keeping in mind the hurdles many women and girls face in realising their full potential,” Dr Ali highlighted.

“This theme aims to recognise the role of women and girls in taking responsibility for adapting, mitigating, and responding to transformative technology and digital education to create a more sustainable future for all.”

Dr Ali added that women entrepreneurs played a crucial role in developing economies, and increasing their access to digital innovations would lead to more sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

“Women have a natural feminine ability for leadership, taking control, and being in charge of a family, whether through the shopping list, menus for the week, kids’ schedules, or bill payments. It runs through our blood, the knack of knowing what to do and when,” she added.

“Women have the know-how to harness technology and innovation. Given equal opportunities, they will flourish and contribute to creative solutions to tackle the world’s multi-faceted challenges.”


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